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Why can’t I receive collect calls from my incarcerated friend or family member?

Some service providers, such as cell phone providers, will not permit any collect calls to their subscribers. Other "non-traditional" local telephone service providers do not install the costly Telecom equipment that would allow their subscribers to receive collect calls as a way to control costs.

The V-CONNECT Advance Pay Service makes it possible for anyone to receive collect calls from a penal institution serviced by VAC regardless of the reason traditional collect calling is not available. Once the account is established, subsequent collect calls will complete and the cost of the call will be deducted from the account bypassing the collect calling restriction.

Several different payment methods are available for funding the account including credit card, debit card, cashier check, and money order. No personal checks will be accepted. Once the account is funded the called party can start receiving calls from the institution immediately. Please click 'SIGN UP' for instructions on how to establish a new account or add funds to an existing account.


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